Welcome to Master Sha Tao Center Schwerin 

We are a German speaking Center and are here to spread the profound teachings of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha of soul healing. Healing the soul also works on the heart, mind and body, so if you are struggling in an area of your life that keeps on coming again and again and you can’t find yourself moving forward. Try these techniques.  We are sure you will notice a positive change.

We are a team of of Certified Master Teachers from the Tao Academy, with the only one purpose, that is to serve you to become happier and healthier.

Transform Your Life

We believe that we as the human beings can harness the power and abilities of a higher being. We know this because we are doing this and are teaching people like you to do it too. Come and experience it for yourself through personal consultations, special light transmissions, events and workshops.

Let Us Help You Become The Best You Can Be

  • Strengthen your health and well-being
  • Harmonize difficult relationships
  • Experience abundance
  • To gain access to the higher potentials of soul, heart, mind and body
  • To develop love and forgiveness for all beings
  • To find true life’s work
  • Experience true joy and happiness in life and on the spiritual path

Your soul is amazing! Allow us to help you bring it out so you can really do what you want to do on this amazing planet of ours. Come and experience it by joining our events, practice sessions, classes and workshops. We welcome you with open arms to attend our free classes, you will feel empowered to be the best you.